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Services / Prices (G.S.T Included)

- Build & True Wheel (40 Spokes or Less)

- True Wheel - Providing Nipples Not Seized - Rim Straight
(If any spokes are broken it's often cheaper in the long run to replace
the set and save trouble later on)
Each additional spoke(stainless) replaced add -

- Drill "Blank" Rim (Alloy or Steel) To Suit Hub

- Remove Tyre & Tube - Refit

- Disassemble Wheel (Measure Offset)

- Spoke Sets, Stock - Stainless
- Spoke Sets, Stock - Stainless

- Custom Made Sets - Stainless
- Custom Stainless-"Butted"

Come in Chrome, Stainless or Alloy (Plain or Valanced,also called..Flanged) All rims come in differing quality /prices. The Excel Alloy rims below are top quality but I also have a less expensive range of alloy.Phone to discuss

Typical Rim prices
-Valanced Alloy Excel 19"x WM2. 40 Hole (Undrilled)
-Valanced Alloy Excel 18"x WM3. 40 Hole ( Undrilled)
-Non-Valanced Alloy Excel 18"xWM2. 40 Hole ( Undrilled )
-Non-Valanced Alloy Excel 18"xWM2&3 36 Hole ( Undrilled)
-British Chrome rims, suitable most British bikes
-British chrome -top quality
-British Stainless rims, non rust quality appearance
-British Stainless rims, best available,great shine



From $5.00




From $185.00

From $185.00
From $220.00

From $405.00
From $370.00
From $295.00
From $320.00
From $335.00
From $365.00
From $335.00
at $400.00